Quote of the Year. “I am money on all signatures holes” – Jr.     Self-proclaimed after a near miss ace on Streamsong Red #7 on 12/5/16.

Rule #4 – Not to be confused with a tip, states you are not allowed to talk about your current swing changes during a round.  (created 12/6/16 at Streamsong)

Rule #5 – Everyone travels together – all or nothing.  (created 12/6/16 at the Tampa Airport after DW took an earlier flight and left his playing partners behind.)

Guiding Principle #1 – Stay in the moment and enjoy the moment.  No cell phone allowed on the golf course during a golf trip.

Guiding Principle #2 – created from 12/4/16 – 12/6/16  “Play like a pro.”  When the opportunity presents itself, use a caddie, especially on vacation.